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avourwen housing development in Drogheda – park and green area facilities

Avourwen is essentially a new neighbourhood. It is a new housing development that brings a sophisticated urban feel to this suburban district of Drogheda. The housing development avails of all of Drogheda's facilities and services and maintains a character and unique identity of its own.

The residential aspect of the avourwen housing development comprises of a large variety of new housing styles including detached and semi-detached houses, townhouses, duplex housing and apartments, all carefully positioned to fully appreciate and enjoy the fully landscaped neighbourhood parks, spread throughout the housing development.

The leisure centre, shopping and creche facilities in the housing development are the ingredients which separate avourwen from the ordinary housing developments creating a balance between work and leisure, the balance you need to live your life the way you choose.

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At the heart of the avourwen housing development is the new neighbourhood centre, pivotally positioned at the entrance to the housing development, this new complex will cater for a diverse range of everyday requirements, from shopping to health and leisure.

The ambience of the neighbourhood centre and the adjoining residential space is softened with delicate and creative use of water features and landscaping, creating a public neighbourhood park that will be a focal point of the housing development.

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Avourwen offers an excellent choice of technologically advanced energy saving homes to meet 21st century lifestyle expectations in a thoughtfully designed housing development.

Conveniently located within walking distance of Drogheda town centre, the avourwen housing development offers a variety of homes to suit each life stage, whether you are just starting out on the property ladder, setting up home for the first time, have a new addition to the family or looking for that extra space for the growing needs of those teenagers...

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